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Article: Yame First Flush "Yukyu-Ippuku" is ready!

八女茶発祥の地で育まれる、時を超えた一服の極み - 八女新茶『悠久一服』

Yame First Flush "Yukyu-Ippuku" is ready!

Tea grown in the birthplace of Yame tea

Yame First Flush "Yukyu Ippuku" is ready!

[First Flush] Yame Sencha Yukyu-Ippuku 75g

Yame tea is said to have begun in 1423 when Zen Master Shuzui returned from the Ming Dynasty (present-day China) and brought back tea seeds to Kasahara, Kurogi-cho, Yame City, where he taught how to cultivate and make tea.
This Sencha tea is grown with great care in Kasahara, Kurogi-cho, Yame City. Please enjoy it while thinking about its 600-year history.

Our other standard products will also be switched over to new tea in due course, so please wait a little longer!

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無病息災の縁起物としての特別な一杯 - 八女新茶『八十八夜摘み』

In 2024, Yame First Flush "Hachijuhachi-ya Harvested" is ready!

A lucky charm for good health We use tea that was picked and processed on May 1st, the 88th day of the year.

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【新茶】八女煎茶 香 80g

Products such as "Yame Sencha Kaori" have been switched to First Flush!

We're also switching to new tea for our standard products! Our standard products have also been switched to new tea!

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