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古賀茶業|八女茶通販(玉露・煎茶・緑茶・抹茶) |


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Founded in 1938

Carefully selected Yame tea

We carefully select tea leaves with discerning eyes and painstakingly create delicious tea.

Kogacha's Commitment

Carefully selected Yame tea

Kogacha's Commitment

Carefully selecting tea leaves and painstakingly creating delicious tea. That is what Koga Tea Industry has been doing since it was founded. We have passed down the techniques of capturing and identifying the characteristics of the tea leaves themselves and figuring out how to bring out their deliciousness. We continue to pursue delicious Yame tea, including Yame Gyokuro, which boasts the highest quality in Japan.

Carefully selected tea leaves

Making delicious tea with great care

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Tea is a plant, and good tea grows in good soil.
The things you need to pay attention to when cultivating tea vary slightly depending on the climate, soil, and variety of tea. The skill of identifying these and cultivating delicious tea leaves with great care is truly the domain of a master tea master.

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Only a master tea master can determine the quality of the tea leaves themselves.
This is where each tea merchant's individual preferences come into play, as they consider how much inherent flavor the tea leaves have and how they can bring out even more of that flavor.


This is the most important process that determines the taste of the tea.
Taking into account the temperature and humidity of the day, the tea merchant must decide at what temperature and for how long to cook the tea. This is where the tea merchant's skill is most clearly demonstrated.

Kogacha has many fans around the world

Introducing the efforts of Kogacha

Managing Director

Kazuhiro Koga

A qualified tea merchant is someone who evaluates the quality of tea when bidding. Tea merchants buy tea that is certified as "genuine" as "genuine". However, there are very few tea merchants who can appreciate the quality of genuine Gyokuro.

The number of young people who drink tea from a teapot is gradually decreasing. My mission and philosophy is to continue to create authentic tea within this small market.

I want people to experience the world of a cup of tea. I want people to drink the real thing. It doesn't have to be expensive. Our products are aimed at women, so we try to avoid bitterness and emphasize sweetness.

Actress Yuko Tanaka likes our tea and orders it every year. She even sent me a handwritten letter of thanks, which made me very happy.

Chairman and Representative Director

Satoko Koga

We can't make delicious tea unless we are in sync with the producers. We can only make delicious tea at a reasonable price. To do that, we need to know the water and the land. We need to know the differences. And the flavors that consumers want to drink change with each season. We always keep these things in mind and offer delicious tea in any season.

President and CEO

Masahiro Koga

Overseas Business

Kumiko Koga

When applying for the Monde Selection, Kumiko herself wrote the application form, wanting to introduce the appeal of tea and the "white tea" that her company developed to the world. And the product won the award.

Japanese Tea Instructor

Yumiko Koga

We love to eat delicious food! This cafe restaurant started with that idea. When we launched, our first move was to choose a Saga beef dealer. We all love to eat, and started this cafe restaurant with the desire to serve food that we ourselves think is delicious. We hope you will stop by and enjoy our delicious meals and tea.



【新茶】八女煎茶 香 80g

Products such as "Yame Sencha Kaori" have been switched to First Flush!

We're also switching to new tea for our standard products! Our standard products have also been switched to new tea!

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八女茶発祥の地で育まれる、時を超えた一服の極み - 八女新茶『悠久一服』

Yame First Flush "Yukyu-Ippuku" is ready!

Tea grown in the birthplace of Yame tea Yame Shincha "Yukyu Ippuku" is now available! Please enjoy it while thinking about its 600-year history.

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無病息災の縁起物としての特別な一杯 - 八女新茶『八十八夜摘み』

In 2024, Yame First Flush "Hachijuhachi-ya Harvested" is ready!

A lucky charm for good health We use tea that was picked and processed on May 1st, the 88th day of the year.

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The finest Yame tea from Kogacha

We are committed to improving the quality of Yame tea and spreading its popularity. We are constantly engaged in research and development to spread the word about its "true deliciousness."