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Yame Japanese Black Tea Sparkling [blue] 300ml

Sale price¥540

Blacke Tea Soda Pop

We have created a soda pop using carefully selected Japanese black tea from Yame, which is grown with particular care from cultivation to production, and is characterized by the refreshing sweetness of rare sugars.

Capacity: 300ml

- The raw ingredients may float or settle to the bottom, or discolor over time, but this does not affect the quality.
- There is a risk of overflowing, so be sure to chill the bottle well when opening and do not shake.
- Please drink immediately after opening.
- Be careful not to injure your fingers or other parts of your body on the cut edge of the cap.
- Bottles are fragile. Do not expose to impact or freeze. Please handle with care.
The content volume may vary slightly. (The content volume is displayed based on the "Cabinet Order on Measurement for the Sale of Specified Products.")

Yame Japanese Black Tea Sparkling [blue] 300ml
Yame Japanese Black Tea Sparkling [blue] 300ml Sale price¥540