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Yame Traditional Hon Gyokuro 50g

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Yame Traditional Hon Gyokuro

Yame in Fukuoka is the largest producer of the high-quality tea, Gyokuro, in Japan.
Among them, Yame Traditional Hon Gyokuro is a highly valuable tea that has been produced using unique manufacturing methods that have been preserved and passed down for over 150 years.
The cultivation method is slightly different from that of Sencha, in which a trellis is built over the tea bushes that begin to sprout in April, and the bushes are covered with straw or straw to block out light for more than 16 days, which prevents the production of bitter substances and creates the unique umami flavor of Gyokuro. Another characteristic of Gyokuro is the unique aroma, known as "Oika," which is created by covering the bushes with natural materials such as straw.

Contents: 50g

Precautions : Store in a cool, dark place with low humidity.
・Please consume immediately after opening.
・Storage in refrigerator/freezer is not recommended.
(When you take it out, the taste and aroma may deteriorate due to condensation caused by the temperature difference with room temperature.)

Yame Traditional Hon Gyokuro 50g
Yame Traditional Hon Gyokuro 50g Sale price¥5,400