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Matcha Latte 15g x 5

SKU: JO-04
Sale price¥756

A creamy combination of matcha and milk

This instant matcha latte creates creamy foam just by pouring hot water. You can easily enjoy it in a mug. You can also add ice and enjoy it iced.

Contents: 15g x 5

Notes Allergens contained in this product (28 items): Milk, soybeans -Store in a cool, dark place with low humidity.
・Please consume immediately after opening.
・Storage in refrigerator/freezer is not recommended.
(When you take it out, the taste and aroma may deteriorate due to condensation caused by the temperature difference with room temperature.)

Matcha Latte 15g x 5
Matcha Latte 15g x 5 Sale price¥756